Enhance Your Career With Employability Skills

Enhance Your Career With Employability Skills

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This course belongs to fresh graduates or those who are graduating soon. In this course, you guys get so many technics that help you take a root level preparation for cracking the interview board. Building personal confidence and personal branding helps you to enhance graduates more. Psychologically, this course builds a person more focused and more attentive.

Module 01: Asses Yourself 1st

  • Focus on your goal
  • Find your potentiality
  • Be a good storyteller
  • Set your career path
  • Find the answer, how lucrative product do you are?
  • Make your own SWAT analysis
  • Why you?
  • What is your price?

Module 02: Practice makes a person’s perfect

  • Set your daily plan
  • Create some habits that’s give you values
  • Become a public speaker
  • Loss yourself
  • Reading is a good habit
  • 6th Sense!!!
  • Body language

Module 03: Get Ready to Fight

  • Your CV/Resume your own reflection
  • Packaging is everything
  • Personality gives you space
  • Be a good listener
  • Introduce yourself
  • Be a good observer
  • Humbleness is your silent weapon
  • Closing

What does it take to do the course?

Mobile, PC or laptop or any such device and internet connection.

Course Certificate?

If you successfully complete the course, you will have an exclusive certificate!


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16 Chapters

16 Classes


Introduce Myself
Focus on your goal
Find your potentiality
Be a good story teller